Peacemaker Pillars

Success in business is determined by three things
Armor of mind

Heart of hope

Faith in action.

How to Start a Side Hustle Course

Why is Creating Business So Important?

#1 Creating more business ownership creates more liberty

#2 Create more liberty and we create more peace

Why Peacemaker University? 

- Are you meant to do something good in life?

- Do you fear attending college just to get a job you hate?

- Do you believe in a millennial renaissance?

- If yes to all, then it's time to start a side hustle?


Download the First Curriculum

“Keith's classes were incredible. I never understood the importance of being a creator in commerce as a path to peace. Keith gave me the kneading of my heart to take on life before life takes me on." 

Samantha Freeman

For Entrepreneur Parents

It is not enough to teach our kids morals and principles. We need to arm them with the epistemology of meaning to unchain them from the dogma of the the world. Click to take a parent primer course for free.

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For Entrepreneur Students

Take the First Course on Critical Thinking and define your own mind before you attend college. New courses every six months. Learn to stand for truth before being confronted with bent agendas.

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For Everyone Who Wants More Liberty

We need leaders who do not take control, and we do not need leaders who take charge. We need leaders who take responsibility. Learn the difference here.

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